Complete Home Theatre design process

If you want a genuinely breath taking experience, home theatre design has to be one of the most important factors. We have built a huge range of stunning home theatre rooms from the ground up and started each and every one of them with a few ideas fr

Home Theatre Installation Craigburn Farm

Here is a Home Theatre installation we completed in Craigburn Farm, SA earlier this year. As your can see this is another dedicated home theatre room which ideally is what you want if you are going to invest in any home theatre equipment. It's not es

Home Theatre Installation Beaumont

Our client wanted to have a quality home theatre installation designed for her dedicated home theatre room. We worked with Sui at the start to find out what is important to her when dealing with technology, we found out what she would like from the s

Home Theatre Installation Lightsview

General Information Location: Lightsview Budget: $5000-$10000 Installation Time: 3 weeks Description Pat called me to come and look at an existing wall mounted TV he had, he wanted to incorporate some new in wall speakers that he had already p

TV Installations in Adelaide

Here is a showcase of some recent TV wall mount installations we have completed in Adelaide. We can supply all the high quality TV wall mount installation equipment in Adelaide and services that you require, this includes: - TV Wall mounting Br

Home Theatre Installation in Campbelltown

A recent home theatre installation in Campbelltown South Australia. We had already worked with other members of the family so it was great to get a call from Rocky looking for something similar to we had already done. This is a general living area th

Epson TW9300

Discover a whole new way to watch movies — the way filmmakers intended. Epson's 4K Enhancement Technology delivers astonishing picture quality. Now every subtle intricacy is captured — even your most-loved films will offer something new. Plus, Ep

TV Wall Mounting Installation in Northgate

Professional TV wall mounting, and TV installations in Northgate and Lightview SA. Today we installed this TV in a kids play area so it was safe and secure on the wall with no cables for the kids to play with.. For TV wall mounting or TV Installatio

Home Theatre Installation in Joslin

General InformationLocation: JoslinBudget: $25, 000  - $30, 000Installation Time: 1 week DescriptionHigh end Dedicated home theatre room in Joslin  Equipment:Triad Bronze in Wall LCR speakers x 3Triad Bronze on Wall Tripole Surrounds x 4Triad R28

Cheap Home Theatre Systems

We have carefully selected the components in each of the Home Theatre packagesto provide a high quality home theatre system at great prices! These complete packages include products from some of the most respected brands in the home theatre industr