Home Theatre Installation Beaumont

April 16, 2021

Our client wanted to have a quality home theatre installation designed for her dedicated home theatre room. We worked with Sui at the start to find out what is important to her when dealing with technology, we found out what she would like from the system when finished, and which key areas she would like to stand out. We have come up with a system that will perform at a fantastic level and provide a great amount of quality.

This is a dedicated home theatre room so there will only be a projector and screen, no TV, and minimal light coming into the room. We will be controlling the blinds with the same remote we use to control the home theatre equipment which will trigger commands that say, if its daytime and we turn a movie on, the blinds will go down automatically, and will rise upon completion of the movie. We will be installing flush mount in wall speakers at the front of the room behind an acoustic transparent fixed frame screen. We will also be installing 4 in ceiling speakers and 2 bookshelf speakers at the rear of the room. The end result will be a 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos capable home theatre sound system powered by a Marantz home theatre receiver.
For the display we have worked with an Epson TW9200 and fixed frame Elite Screen. We are only part way through the project at this stage, carpet is due to be laid soon, along with a riser in the floor for a second row of electric recliners.