Truly Stunning custom home theatre, designed to suit you!

Our "one of a kind" Showroom Available for You to Visit in Adelaide
Featuring Dolby Atmos, and the only 11 channel Monitor Audio Showroom in Adelaide.


Book an appointment to come by and visit our purposely built home theatre showroom in Adelaide. We can assist with home theatre speaker placement, room design ideas, and show you exactly how a properly planned home theatre room should look and sound. We have 11 channel Dolby Atmos surround sound and the latest in 4k projection available to experience. 


With everything properly planned out you can come and see, feel, hear, and experience whats its like to have your own home cinema. We have starlight ceiling on display, acoustic wall panels for you to see and a stunning visual and audio display to give you the ideas you need to create the perfect home theatre. As well as a full range of custom high end home theatre recliners to showcase the best in Australian owned cinema furniture.


We can assist from the start of your home theatre journey with room design, planning and specialist guidance. When it comes to home theatre, equipment is only half of the equation, you finish it off with the right furniture, lighting, control system and other creature comforts. We have a huge range of furniture and room highlights to take your home theatre from standard to the envy of the neighbourhood. With home theatre acoustic treatments, acoustic curtains, custom finishes and touches you can set your home theatre apart.


Our range of theatre equipment has been selected over a number of years and refined to what we consider to be the best value for money products in the space. We have worked with these products for a long time and vouch for reliability, quality, and value. These are the core components we look to when selecting brands we trust and recommend. Visit our Home theatre showroom in Adelaide to come and see how a properly planned out home theatre room can be the centrepiece of your home and bring the family together.


Creating the ultimate home theatre room comes down to a lot of thoroughly thought out planning and an equal compromise between too much and too little. We love to create spaces that will take you away from every day living and bring the cinema to you. We work with you right from the build stage and guide you through with things like paint colour, carpet and curtain selection, room lighting and acoustic treatments. We have starlight ceiling as well as clean and simple LED lighting that can be controlled by remote or voice on display to create a truly magnificent space to escape reality. If you haven't seen a starlight ceiling in person please arrange a time to come by and have a look.


When it comes to playback, we have all of the devices you are familiar with, and some you are not. We have tested them all and know which devices work the best, and which would be best suited to you. If you don't know what HDR stands for, or Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, or if your current devices are compatible there is a good chance that we do. we can help you with home theatre equipment selection, and controlling them with a single remote.

Images from our Adelaide Showroom!