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We build and design custom Home Theatre rooms. Working with you to design a home theatre system that will suit your needs, budget, and requirements, we transform rooms into world class entertainment spaces. From concept to completion we have a deep knowledge and understanding of what is required to perfect a modern home theatre space and finish it off nicely with your own personal touch. When it comes to designing your home theatre room, let us do the work for you and show you how simple the whole process can be. Our home theatre products range from mid range every day products to premium high end cinema products. We have 1080p projectors, and 4K projectors, motorised screens and fixed frame screens through to home theatre receivers, any configuration of surround sound system, and everything in between. We have products to suit everyone from the enthusiast to the audiophile and understand that it can be confusing when you talk to a salesperson or many salespeople as they will all recommend different products and tell you why certain things are better than others. The benefit we have in this case is that we will come to your home and work closely with you to ensure that we have a full understanding of your home theatre requirements, this way we can specify products that will be designed to work harmoniously together to give you the best result for your home theatre equipment.

As Home Theatre installation professionals we can design a Home Theatre System into an existing living or family area without taking away from the room itself, or we can design a dedicated Home Theatre Room or custom Home Theatre Surround Sound Package so you can enjoy the luxuries of a home cinema in your very own home. Home Theatre Installations can also be integrated into your automation system and controlled from devices such as an iPad, making them very easy to use.
A Home Theatre Installation in your living room can be used every day for music, movies and general TV viewing, it is not only convenient but also great value for money. Not to mention an excellent investment into your property value.

“The guys from Invision came up with an innovative, precise plan that really stood out amongst the competition. They provided solutions and thought outside the box when tackling an old house and what we wanted to do to integrate the home theatre. Fantastic results, thanks to the guys from Invision!”

Quite often we see customers looking at Home Theatre installations without professional advice or based on a recommendation from a friend, while this is usually not a bad idea, depending on how your needs will vary from theirs this may also leave you with a bunch of expensive Home Theatre equipment that may not work as well in your home as it will in theirs. When a Home Theatre system is designed from scratch to suit each individual situation you will always achieve a better result. Seeking professional advice is just as important as design factors like budget, expectations, furnishings, and lighting control.

Things to consider: Visual - LED, LCD or projector, this will be the main focal point for your Home Theatre it is what will provide the main entertainment within the room. Decide upon what features you would like, or ask us to help. Audio - The amplifier and speaker systems are one of the most important factors and will usually outlive other components because of technology advancements so it is best to put a bit of extra consideration here. Future Considerations - If you are building or extending take future entertainment requirements into account as cabling etc is going to be much cheaper while there is building works going on. Budget - Set a budget and your requirements and discuss your needs with us. We can design a system to fit within your budget that will still achieve an optimum result.

If you have sourced your own Home Theatre components and not confident to setup it up yourself, then we can provide expert installation and will spend the time with you to demonstrate exactly how your new system will work upon completion. We often use universal control systems that make operating your home theatre system as simple as pressing one button. We can control any number of devices in the system and integrate it to your home automation, and also control everything from your phone. We can even pick up your equipment from the store giving you total piece of mind that everything will arrive safely. Alternatively if you are moving house we are more than happy to transport everything for you.

 We have been building and designing high end home theatre systems now for long enough to know what works well. We know what to look for when designing a dedicated home theatre room, and can give the right advice when deciding on your home theatre equipment. Home theatre systems and audio visual equipment has evolved so much over the last few years that it can be quite daunting to even consider where to start. We can help and guide you through the whole process, from home theatre equipment selection, through to designing a home theatre room, and even help out with furniture selection. We have all of the home theatre brands that you know and trust, and we have worked closely with these brands over the last 10 years to ensure we are providing the best in home theatre equipment. 


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We design from scratch, supply, build as required, and commission all products.

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