Security Cameras & CCTV Installation Adelaide

High-Quality Security cameras & CCTV installations in Adelaide are an excellent way to provide added security for your home or business in Adelaide. In addition to providing you with outdoor security camera video footage with the surveillance system of any events which may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to unwanted behaviour.

Working with builders, designers and end-users, our dedicated camera installation team in Adelaide provide an exceptionally high level of workmanship to ensure your new CCTV home security system is practical and easy to use. We have experience in installing both wireless security cameras & wired cameras.

Home security systems designed to your requirements

At Invision Home Theatre, we can design home security camera systems to suit any budget, this could be anything from 2-megapixel dome CCTV cameras right up to 8-megapixel dome cameras for your home. We also provide motorised PTZ (pan tilt zoom) CCTV cameras for business security in Adelaide, Glenelg, Grange and the surrounding suburbs. No matter what your needs and requirements, you can rest assured that we can design professional security camera systems to suit any number of requirements. All of our CCTV systems can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop from anywhere in the world. Allowing you to check in on your home or monitor staff at work wherever you are. All of our security camera systems can be set to motion only record so not to waste any space on your hard drive, or risk overwriting a piece of evidence because you ran out of space on your security camera system hard drive. We typically use a minimum 6mp IP dome cameras for both residential and commercial jobs. The 6mp IP dome CCTV cameras can be supplied individually, or we can provide CCTV bundles and packages, which may include wireless CCTV systems. PTZ IP Cameras both Dome & bullet-style camera kits, or any other configuration of CCTV equipment. Our CCTV camera systems are vandal-resistant, with UV resistant metal bodies. They won’t fade or scratch easily and the dome doesn’t discolour over time. You can rest assured that when we install one of our CCTV home security systems in Adelaide, Glenelg or Grange, it will stand the test of time. Contact us today, for more information about security camera installation & CCTV home security. At Invision we ensure that our customer service is top-notch and we provide everything you need!


How much does it cost to install a security camera with Invision?

This can depend on the type of property you have, how many cameras you would like, or specific features you might wants as part of your security system. We supply Security for both Commercial and Residential properties, and each client may have different or specific requirements that need to be met, these may not be generic therefore its important to really find out exactly what you need before we can specify anything. It’s best if we go through this together to appropriately plan out the best system for your needs.

What are the best security cameras for home?

We generally would recommend a minimum 5mp camera for around home, this combined with motion detection and infra red will provide great quality images both during the day and night. We use vandal proof metal body cameras that can notify you if someone tries to interfere with the system as well as motion notifications and scheduled recording. We can also provide offsite storage and backup of your cameras.

What is better wired or wireless security cameras?

We only work with wired cameras,these are hard wired back to a security recording device which can only be accessed locally through your network and via the appropriate app, this is encrypted end to end. Wireless cameras can have some security issues and also require power points to be installed at each camera location. We would typically install a battery backup system to ensure if there was a power outage all of your cameras would continue to record for 24-48 hours.

How many cameras do you need for home security?

This can vary greatly from property to property, but a common number of cameras for the average house would be 3-4. You generally want to see all major access points to your property, plus any other points of interest, again this will vary greatly from property to property so its always best to go over it from scratch and decide what’s important. We will often provide valuable information you may not have considered when looking at your security system as we have gained experience from providing this service to a wide variety of people.

How many days can a cctv system record?

The number of days that you can store will depend on the size of the hard drive you have, the number of cameras, and the recording frequency. If you are recording full time on the system it will use a lot more hard drive space than if you are recording only when motion is detected, this will allow a lot more space to be saved giving you long periods on your hard drive. This will also benefit you should you wish to go back through the footage as you will only have motion recorded and will not have to sit and watch through the whole day to see exactly what time something happened. We can work out exactly how long your system will have recorded once we know how many cameras you want, plus the recording frequency. We can allow for this and increase your storage capacity to suit your requirements.

Do I need a UPS

That is totally up to you, however we will always recommend the use of an uninterrupted power supply. this will provide continuous power to your CCTV system in the event of a power failure, not only will it provide you with power to the security cameras, repeated power failures over time may cause damage to your hard drives which could corrupt your footage, or even render the HDD useless.

Can I see the cameras while i am away from home?

Yes with all of our camera systems you can have remote access for you and your family members, this will allow you to login at any time and see what’s happening around your home. You can also record footage locally to your phone, take photos of anything you might see and also control your PTZ cameras from your phone. this means if the device allows it you can move, rotate and/or zoom the cameras focus to something in particular.

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Our CCTV installation systems in Adelaide can be scaled from a small 2 camera CCTV system to protect your home, right up to a 32 camera CCTV system to suit business. We have experience with home security systems that require remote CCTV viewing, and continuous recording. We can also setup remote offsite storage so your backed up data will always be safe.

We can install security cameras in most locations on your property. This will give you added security, peace of mind, and may also reduce the cost of your annual insurance premiums. Every CCTV installation we do has the ability for remote viewing by smartphone, tablet, or web interface. We can show you how to easily view the feed from any of the home security cameras installed on your property in Adelaide from anywhere in the world.

Our cameras also have great night vision capabilities. With some security cameras, night vision can cause the image to pixelate or become unclear with, but our CCTV systems with night vision will provide a crystal clear image.

Our CCTV systems with Infra-red will pick up a car number plate outside of your property in the middle of the night and will show you clearly what’s going on.

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