Video Conferencing Solution

August 11, 2017

Are you looking for a new video conferencing solution for your workplace?

We are currently working with a number of customers in a variety of sectors that we have been helping with video conferencing, Skype, and business meetings. Whether you need a new tv installation with a webcam for meetings, or a wall mounted TV and webcam we can assist in both installation and supply. We work with trusted brands that offer a range of great products that are suitable for todays modern world of online meetings.
We can design a complete system for an office installation, or an upgrade of an existing video conferencing solution that may include the following: Wall mounted TV or Web cam, ceiling mounted projector, meeting room telephone and IP video phone, Skype integrated business cameras, or a simple webcam with microphone for an office.
Maybe you’re looking something portable, in which case we have many options available, all equipment can be installed onto a mobile tv trolley, or we can utilise mobile devices for this. On the contrary we can design a complete system into your boardroom like a projector that will drop from the ceiling at the same time as a projector screen hidden in the ceiling, we can mount a camera and microphone on a ceiling so its out of the way and incorporate your current business systems into the new model to keep everything simple for staff and anyone else to use.
When looking at boardroom webcam systems, and corporate conference solutions we know that having a reliable system that can be utilised around the world is vital. Mostly these systems will use Skype for business which makes it easy for anyone with a laptop or mobile phone to login to your system without any additional hardware of software. This makes it easy for you to be able to host meetings and also for you to login to meetings that your company is hosting while you are away from the office.
For more inför and complete system integration give us a call or email and we can discuss it further to develop a system that will compliment your business.