Surge Protection for my Home Theatre?

August 7, 2017

So one of the questions we often get asked when installing any audio visual equipment is, ‘is it worth getting a surge protection board?’

In our experience 9 times out of 10 it is definitely worth budgeting for surge protection while planning your new Audio Visual Installation. The reason being 9 times out of 10 is that unless you are moving into an apartment building with a centralised surge isolation system, or you really don’t care that much for your new equipment.. In other words We recommend installing surge protection into every point in which any of your audio visual equipment will be used.
Some of the benefits to surge protection are:
– Your equipment is protected from any unwanted noise, pops, cracks, or surging along the line. Even when you turn on your power point with your equipment plugged in, this does some minor surging inside the equipment, causing longevity issues and eventually undesired noise and breakdown of your audio visual equipment.
– Your surge protector will clean and filter your electricity before it reaches your equipment, depending on the type of surge protection you use. We only use and recommend products by Thor (AU) and Isotek (LON) for premium power filtration and surge protection.
– You will be covered in the off chance that something does happen to your equipment, in most cases for well over $100k. This will go a long way to getting you some new equipment should anything happen while your board is working in normal operating conditions
One of the big issues we find when looking at surge protection is the addition of another piece of equipment which ends up meaning more cables along the floor, or in your cabinet. Thankfully we have a range of surge protection that has been designed with this in mind. We have products that can be installed behind a standard wall plate, inside a single 1RU rack mount, small units that look like a double adapter, and our favourite surge protection product the STVIQ in line surge protector. This is one of the most handy little devices that we recommend with any projector installation.
If you are unsure about what products are available, or if you need to consider getting surge protection then give us a call on tel:0422100338 and we can assist with your enquiry.