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Gotham Seating – Our flagship design and our modern take on cinema seating. With diamond stitch work as standard.

• Premium motorised recliner mechanism, Handmade chair frame

• Ultra quiet ‘stealth’ motor designed for cinema usage

• Top grain leather or soft suede upholstery

• Optional ‘chiller’ cup holder with integrated light & recliner buttons

• Optional Crowson motion effects system for that ‘feel-the-bass’ effect

• Pocket spring seat base sandwiched between two layers of high density foam

Why Choose Us
Our cinema recliners are meticulously designed in Australia to give you the best possible value for money in home cinema seating. Using quality parts from around the world we have designs to suite very taste, and unlimited finish options to give you the only true custom finish to suit your personal style.

Designed in Australia
Comprehensive 5 year warranty
Power reclining standard on all models
Ergonomically designed wall hugging designs
Motion effects system available

We Start With The Mechanism
Manhattan recliner mechanism

All our chairs feature a premium motorized recliner mechanism as their foundation, providing a sturdy base for the chair to be built on. What’s more, they come with our ultra quiet ‘Stealth’ motor, barely audible even in a quiet cinema room. Power recline offers a huge advantage in that the chair stays put at the angle you choose, if you shift your weight the chair wont budge.

Our mechanism is designed for cinema usage. As you recline, the entire chair moves forwards allowing it to be placed very close to the back wall. What’s more, the leg rest comes up first and this allows more flexibility in how far back you want to recline, allowing for more comfortable cinema viewing and ensuring your ear height does not change much, allowing for better calibration of your home cinema.

Then We Build a Quality Frame
The frame is perhaps the most important component to provide a long lasting chair. Ours are hand made by skilled carpenters to ensure the best fit and finish, especially important in long rows. Using a solid wood frame will ensure many years of sturdy use. Our consoles are all wood construction and every little detail has been thought through, even to the point where the storage compartment lid uses soft close hinges to stop it from slamming.

Next We Assemble The Seat Base
Manhattan Seat Base

Comfort is really important to us. Like the best beds on the market, we have adopted a market leading ‘pocket spring’ seat base, with each coil is in its own enclosure providing ultimate stability across the seat. The pocket springs are sandwiched between two layers of high-density foam. The whole base is then wrapped in an ultra‰Ûbreathable cloth to allow airflow and easy drying for any spills. Of course we don’t stop there, the backrest and headrests are ultra plush. The armrests are positioned to allow for support and relaxation. We feel the ultimate test is to watch our client’s expression when they first sit in one of our chairs–almost always a smile from ear to ear.

Fit The Best Top Grain Leather or Suede
Manhattan leather stitch

We only use top grain leather, no mid grade, no reconstituted, only the best, everywhere you touch. Leather is a great product for a cinema chair with a fantastic texture and softness, as well as being easy to clean. Of course, we also offer suede fabric finishes too, especially popular for those living in colder climates providing a more natural warmth as well as a more affordable price.

Our stitch work comes as standard colour-matched to your chairs, but we offer contrast stitching as a no cost option. Some client favorites are red on black (pictured), white on black, and black on white. Just another way you can personalize your chairs.

And Finish by Allowing You to Truly Customize The Final Product
We want these chairs to be all about you. As such we have created a huge list of options to make this possible. For the full list try building your own chairs in our configurator, Manhattan Chair Builder. Our most popular options are our chiller cup holder with integrated light and recliner buttons and the Crowson motion effects system allowing you to really feel the bass through the chair. But we don’t stop there, we can do fold out beds, ottomans, we have even made dining chairs to match our recliners!

Configuration & Layout
To assist you with your theatre seating preferences, Manhattan will build to your required layout and with your preferred specifications of their available styles, colours, suggested layouts and optional additions. For further enquiries, pls call 1300 967 244 to order.

Manhattan New Yorker Pro Leather Suede Finish Cinema Seating – legend

Note: Reclined chair moves back just 10cm & forward 53cm (168cm total)


– Contrast Stitching

Cup Holders
– Black Plastic ‰ Stainless Steel ‰ Cooling Cup Holders ‰ No Cup Holders

– Massage Function (only available with Plastic Cooling Cup Holders)
– Metal / Plastic Black Button with USB Charge & Blue Backlight
– Metal Soft Touch Buttons For Seat Control
– Qi Induction Charge Pad In Armrest
– Crowson Tactile Motion System
– Removable Metal Tray Tables
– 100% Italian Leather on All Surfaces
– Adjust Seat Firmness & Width
– Embroidery to Headrest

– Tactile effects unit, Amplification + 2 x Actuators (2 chairs)
– Tactile effects unit, Amplification + 4 x Actuators (4 chairs)