16:9 Zero Fixed Frame HD130 Screen


Zero Edge Fixed Frame screen

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16:9 Micro Edge Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Accent Visual Fixed Frame Series delivers a perfectly flat surface that allows your projector to achieve its full potential for premium performance.

16:9 Zero Fixed Frame HD130 Screen

16:9 Zero Fixed Frame HD130 Screen

Stronger Frames

The Micro Edge Fixed Frame gives the appearance of a giant LCD / OLED TV, having just a 10mm edge. A larger screen is possible for the same wall space with the 10mm Micro Edge thanks to stiffer frame design, approximately 50% stronger than previous models (or our competitors). This combined with cross bracing prevents bowing, ensuring your aspect ratio accuracy for years to come.

The Micro Edge Frame expands on these construction techniques adding dual corner bracing and increased extruded frames with thicker cross sections.

Sharper Focus

Waves or ripples in the screen surface change the focal length, and therefore the focus. Though the difference is slight, the loss of sharp detail is easily noticeable in a side by side comparison. This is particularly obvious with images that “pan” across the screen, which appear as varied depth perception with pushing and pulling compromising the images.

Cinema Graded Fabrics

This cinema graded white fabric delivers clean whites with colours that remain bright and lifelike with no shift in hues and a gain of 1.0.


All Accent visual screens perform beautifully with Full HD – UHD and 4K.


Size/ Aspect EAN Code  B 16:9 Zero Fixed Frame HD130 Screen
 100 Inch 16:993387840024551265223412452214
 120 Inch 16:993387840024621514267714942657
 133 Inch 16:993387840024791676301416562994
 123 Inch 16:1093387840024861676266916562649
 136 Inch 16:1093387840024931851294918312929

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100", 110", 120"