Digital Display Systems

April 16, 2021

We are currently working with a lot of corporate customers who are looking for simple yet powerful ways to work with their TV systems within the office. These screens are being used for a number of reasons, from displaying day to day info that is vital to employees, running business meetings, sharing new ideas, or creating better team environments.

We have a number of solutions that will adapt into any office, boardroom or business that can streamline these processes, ease whiteboard congestion or help to deliver a more professional finish to your office. When it comes to using digital display systems to run meetings and conferences, we have gained some handy knowledge that can be useful when setting up a new system, or procuring the correct products that will work well into the future and be widely accepted across many platforms.
In todays technology world this is one of the biggest hurdles we have seen, which cable plugs into what adapter so I can have this computer talk with that iPhone… if it’s starting to get a bit confusing that’s where we come in, ¬†having built systems for a multitude of clients in retail, government, hospitality, education and transport we can safely say that we have the knowledge to advise on small to medium size projects, giving you peace of mind your digital displays will be working efficiently..
By designing a digital display system from scratch we can focus on certain criteria that will emphasise or streamline any number of things within your business. This may be maximising your marketing budget, increasing sales of certain products, or making the workplace more efficient. We offer a range of products and solutions like board room tv wall mounting, and multiple TVs installed into an office. We have interactive projectors available for education purposes that will enable to teacher to interact with the whole class and display everything on the screen, and cast to tablets within the class. We also have digital display systems that can be used for menu boards, like in a restaurant, retail space or any other infographic type of screen. These can all be accessed remotely giving you central control over any number of display devices and the ability to update content remotely.
This is just the beginning of our complete range of corporate services, for more info or to find out more, get in touch.