Here is a CCTV Installation we completed recently in Burnside SA. Our client travels overseas quite a lot and needed sufficient storage space to cater to his travel requirements, and also required remote viewing. 

We also needed to provide a high quality solution that could pickup number plates at 2am as there had been some traffic hanging around at that time of night. Our CCTV systems in Adelaide are all capable of infra red (night vision) with a minimum of up to 30m and a very low lux level for colour, we work with a variety of products so we can tailor a cctv installation in Adelaide to suit your exact requirements. 
We are able to split the video feed from your cctv system in Adelaide to any number of display devices so you can see your cctv camera installation in Adelaide from any room of your house. All of our CCTV systems allow for remote viewing by either smart phone, tablet or web interface. Give us a call to discuss your security requirements and see how affordable quality CCTV can really be.