Our CCTV installation systems can be scaled from a small 2 camera CCTV system to protect your home, right up to a 32 or more camera CCTV system to suit business. We have experience with home security systems that require remote CCTV viewing, and continuous recording. We can also setup remote offsite storage so your backed up data will always be safe. 
Our cameras also have great night vision capabilities, with CCTV installations that require night vision some cameras pixelate or become unclear, but our CCTV systems with night vision will provide a crystal clear image. 
Our CCTV systems with Infra red will pickup a car number plate outside of your property in the middle of the night, and will show you clearly whats going on. For a live demo of CCTV with infra red in Adelaide give us a call today and we can show you exactly how it will look. 
7 Great Reasons to Choose our IP CCTV Surveillance
1. One Easy to use Interface. Up to 256 channels
Delivers complication-free surveillance solutions with unparalleled ease of use across the entire IP CCTV range.
2. Diverse Selection of IP Surveillance Cameras
Our IP camera range is built to fit a wide scope of applications. Ranging from 1.3MP to 5.0MP resolution, our IP cameras come in a wide variety of compact domes and bullets.
3. Immediate HD Surveillance – IP CCTV Kits
For instant deployment of high definition IP surveillance, you need look no further than one of our conveniently packaged IP CCTV kits. IP CCTV kits are available in 4, 8 and 16 channel models.
4. Go Beyond Full HD – Record up to 5.0 Megapixels
The truth is in the detail. IP surveillance solutions offer up to 5.0 megapixels (2560 x 1920) of image resolution. This is almost twelve times greater than the best traditional analogue CCTV cameras can offer.
5. Multiple Storage & Backup Options
You don’t need to pay for licences to get intelligent record and search functions from your NVR. Extend the recording time of your HDDs by customising each camera to record by alarm or motion detection.
6. Intelligent Record & Search Functions
Don’t miss a moment with IP surveillance solutions. The standard 4 channel NVR offers two internal SATA ports for up to 8TB capacity, which would provide up to 3 weeks of footage storage (3.0MP at 10fps). Export and backup of footage can be performed by USB device, over the network or via an internal DVD-RW burner.
7. Comprehensive Remote View Capabilities
For complete peace of mind, you can take your surveillance system with you where ever you go. Each network video recorder features comprehensive remote view capabilities, compatible with iOS (iPhone & iPad), Google Android and Windows Phone devices.